As many people prepare to go away during the Christmas holiday season, one worry on everyone’s mind is if their worldly possessions will still be there when they return. An unfortunate fact is that house break-ins are on the rise during the holidays when crooks can take advantage of the unlikely event of being disturbed as many home owners are at their holiday destinations.   

Holiday time is something we all look forward to during the year, spending time with family and friends and a time to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. For many it means packing up and travelling to a holiday destination for some summer fun.

What many people are all too aware of, is that it’s this time of the year when home robberies increase as thieves cash in on unoccupied homes. Prominent estate agency in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town, Realtors International Durbanville are warning home owners to be more vigilant this festive season.

CEO of Realtors International Durbanville, Manja Kritzinger offers the top five tips to secure the home while families are away. “They may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t think about doing the basics to keep their home secure during the holidays,” comments Kritzinger.

Here they are:

“Firstly, try to make your home appear as if someone is still living there while you are away. You can do this by automating your lights and sprinkler system to switch on at certain times of the day and night. This gives the illusion that someone is inside. You can also download apps which allow you to access these functions as well as the alarm and camera systems in the home for extra piece of mind,” advises Kritzinger.

“Secondly, stop all mail delivery services you may have such as newspaper delivery, as an obvious sign that you are not at home is when the mail is piled up at the door. Which brings me to the third tip – ask a trusted neighbour or friend in the area to pop in to your home occasionally to empty the post box and make sure everything is still intact inside. An even better option would be to ask someone to housesit for you, but this is not always possible as many people go away during this period,” continues Kritzinger.

“This one seems like a no-brainer but don’t tell too many people you’re going away and definitely don’t post it on social media. It’s also debatable whether it’s wise to tell your service providers such as the armed response company as there may have been instances in the past of ‘inside jobs,” warns Kritzinger.

“Lastly, test your alarm system before you go away to make sure all sensors work properly. Alarm systems degenerate with time and there may be a faulty connection or depleted battery with one or more of the sensors especially if it is an old system. Best to know it is working 100% before you leave,” concludes Kritzinger.

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