Caption: This year boasts the inaugural annual Food Security Seminar, which forms part of Sustainability Week taking place from 17 to 19 June 2014 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria. Leading environmental media and sustainability company, alive2green, has confirmed a stellar line-up of experts in the field of food security as part of the three day conference. Introducing World Wide Fund for Nature – South Africa’s (WWF-SA) Agriculture and Food expert, Inge Kotze (above).

Environmental enthusiast, Inge Kotze, has eighteen years of experience in the field of biodiversity research, conservation planning and environmental management. Her impressive credentials as the Senior Manager of WWF-SA’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme and winner of the International Green Personality of the Year in the UK Drinks Business Awards, speaks volumes about the calibre of experts confirmed to speak at the Food Security Seminar on 19 June 2014 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria.

Three years ago, Kotze became the Senior Manager of WWF-SA’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme, where Nedbank is the sponsor and key partner. The programme focuses on sustainable agriculture, with partnerships in the sugar, wine, fruit and livestock industries. This extensive programme is a new, national addition at WWF-SA and was developed by Kotze herself.

As the threat of climate change grows and rainfall patterns are affected, the question of food security becomes a practical and real concern. Kotze spent ten years as an Environmental Researcher at the CSIR in the Biodiversity Research Group and eight years implementing research and conservation plans within key business sectors. She will be sharing insights into enhancing food security through case studies in agricultural best practices insights at the seminar. Not only will she share her unique experience at the conference, but she will explain how to adapt and use the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices and natural resource management to South Africa’s benefit.

Gordon Brown, Director of alive2green comments, “As hosts of the Food Security Seminar, we are honoured to welcome experts such as Inge Kotze to speak and contribute thoughts to the formulation of the best course of action for South Africa when it comes to food security.”

“At Nedbank we endeavour to integrate sustainability into every aspect of how we work and who we are. As the green bank, that started its Sustainability journey almost 25 years ago, partnering with Sustainability Week was an opportunity for all South Africans – individuals, business, government, civil society and communities – to debate and discuss the issues that collectively affect us. This ranges from food security, water stewardship and conservation, renewable energy, waste management and more sustainable living. As a corporate citizen in South Africa we believe that companies who operate sustainably are not only able to reap significant rewards themselves, but also  contribute toward a more sustainable planet,” says Masada Ratshikuni, Head of Cause Marketing at Nedbank.

Kotze is one of four Nedbank affiliated experts speaking at Sustainability Week. Among them are Marco Lotz (Energy Seminar, 18 June 2014) and Brigitte Burnett (Green Business Seminar, 19 June 2014).

For more information about Sustainability Week, visit or contact e-mail:  Tel: 021 447 4733