Many people are unaware that aerosol cans are 100% recyclable. For this reason, The Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (AMA) has launched the Aerosol Recycling Initiative (ARI) to create awareness about the recycling qualities of these cans. As part of this initiative they have also developed a catchy song and music video to help teach youngsters about the importance of recycling.  

Aerosol cans are far from ordinary with their highly pressurised steel / aluminium bodies and plastic nozzles. Many consumers don’t realise the value that can be found in empty aerosol cans…if treated correctly (empty the can completely before recycling), these cans make the perfect recyclable product. The AMA are spearheading the ARI campaign to create awareness about the recycling properties of these cans and have just launched a catchy song and video targeting learners with the environmental message.

The music video on YouTube has received a phenomenal following from scholars, and Silverton Primary School in Pretoria has adopted the initiative and will host the first Aerosol Recycling Initiative Golden Can Awards at the school on 07 October 2013 to create awareness and encourage aerosol can recycling amongst students and other schools. The enthusiasm of the students has led to the Aerosol Recycling Initiative Golden Can Awards being considered for a national schools campaign by AMA.

AMA’s Executive Director, Nick Tselentis comments, “When we produced the ARI song and video, we had no idea that it would receive such a substantial following from students. The video includes students from Silverton Primary School, and the students in the video have been a big draw card amongst the youth.”

The AMA is the “voice” of the South African Aerosol Industry and acts on behalf of the industry on a variety of issues, from legislation to the setting of national standards. It is also a founder member of the International Aerosol Liaison Committee, a forum made up of approximately 30 countries, (including the USA, Europe, South America, Australia, China and India) who meet annually to exchange views, assess standards and compare notes on developments on various issues relevant to the aerosol industry.

If you would like more information about AMA or ARI, please contact AMA on 011-440-8704 | 083-325-9704 or visit