Caption: Earlier this week (17 June 2013), in celebration of Youth Day, volunteers from Mustadafin’s Youth and Mental Health Development programme set out to truly make a difference by initiating positive social change in their communities from cleaning up litter in their neighbourhood to spending time with the elderly; these 300 youths made an active social change in six areas across Cape Flats.

Mustadafin Foundation’s Youth and Mental Health Development programme arranged inspirational activities in their local communities for Youth Day. “For Youth Day this year, we wanted to allow the youth to make a difference in their own communities instead of organising an event where we bring youth together in one area as we had done previously,” commented Mustadafin Youth and Health Development Coordinator, Fidaah Edries.

The social projects were implemented by young volunteers aged between 10 – 20 years, whilst Mustadafin’s 30 trained volunteers, who have been working with the youth in these areas over the past few months, merely supervised their activities on the day.

The six areas that benefitted from these programmes include Edenvale Primary School, where a school clean-up was arranged with soup and bread given to the needy thereafter. Grade 7 learners from Huguenot Primary School visited Beaconvale Frail Care Home in Mitchell’s Plain where games were played and snacks were served. In Hanover Park, the young volunteers went to ‘Paradise 4 Kids’ where Irshaad Ally (Pasella presenter) gave a motivational speech followed by games with the children. Kewtown youth visited Leliebloem Children’s Home where games were played and they educated the children about the dangers of gangs, drugs and teenage pregnancy. The Delft youth presented a play to their community which also focussed on the dangers of gangs and drugs, while in Crossroads, young volunteers visited an old age home in the area where they played games and distributed food.

Mustadafin’s Youth and Health Development Department currently helps 300 youth in six areas in the Cape Flats with youth programmes. These include life skills workshops, mentorship, tutoring programmes and reading classes to name a few.

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The Mustadafin Foundation was established in 1986 as a result of political unrest and violence in the Crossroads Township. Crossroads, at that time was isolated and violence that erupted was due to faction fighting. It had a devastating effect on the local community, particularly women and children.

In order to support the community, a group of professionals offered their expertise, skills and resources. They provided medical care, trauma counselling, accommodation, food and clothing. This group encompassed such a wide range of people working constructively towards a common goal that it was decided to formalise the situation in the hope that this initiative could be maintained – this saw the birth of the Mustadafin Foundation.