Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, Energizer and the TygerBurger have joined forces to make the smiles of the Newkidz on the Block charity last longer this festive season with the annual Wish Tree campaign.

Newkidz is a Brackenfell based non-profit organisation that refurbishes shelters, care centres and early childhood development centres to uplift vulnerable children and underprivileged communities.

This festive season, Newkidz will share the cheer with children in its community, thanks to Tyger Valley Shopping Centre in partnership with its shoppers, who aims to gather approximately 150 gifts for the children.

The team will erect their Christmas Wish Tree at the Woolworths Court situated on the Upper level from 4 – 29 November 2013, which will be decorated with gift tags, each holding a gift wish from one of the Newkidz children.

Shoppers are encouraged to take part in the annual Wish Tree campaign by taking a tag off the Wish Tree and purchasing the wish on the tag to spread the festive cheer.

Wish Tree elves will be at the Woolworths Court to assist with free gift wrapping to ensure that the wishes reaches the Newkidz children to make their smiles last longer this festive season. The gifts will be delivered to the children at the beginning of December.

“As the makers of the World longest lasting AAA and AA batteries, we wanted to make the festive cheer last longer this year and we are very proud to be involved with the Tyger Valley Wish Tree,” says Rashmi Vadivelu Brand Manager of Energizer South Africa. “By sharing our positive energy, together we can make the world a better place with brighter smiles”

Now that’s Positivenergy!

For more information about Tyger Valley Shopping Centre and its involvement in the Making Smiles Last Longer campaign, please phone 021 914 1822 or visit www.tygervalley.co.za.

For more information about Energizer and its That’s Positivenergy activities, please visit the website at www.energizer.co.za.