Admin rights to a brands’ social media channels have been distributed like candy at a kids party to departments who may not have the specialist skills required to tackle such a unique brand engagement platform. The result? Mixed brand tones and language which confuse fans.

Social media platforms are just that – social. The users of these channels are looking for informative content which resonate with their lifestyles. A conversational tone which engages with its audience is some of the unique tactics needed to captivate an existing following and encourage further followers to join the network.

Another problem to consider when too many people have been given admin rights to a brand’s social media networks, is when posts are made which are off-brand, off strategy and irrelevant to their industry, which could have detrimental effects on a brand’s reputation. In this case, the post made may attract negative comments by fans questioning the brands motives for such a post, which could lead to a string of comments as long as a page. Does a brand then delete the post or is it best to leave it? At which point can a social media page be deleted, and when should it be left?

Many industry leaders have warned about the consequences of deleting unfavourable comments made by fans on their wall but no best practise has been shared about how to tackle an undesirable admin post.

Lisa Sharland, Account Director at Reputation Matters indicates, “Social media best practices are still debatable, but it is proposed to implement the same principals of deleting an admin post as when dealing with negative comments. Where possible, adverse admin posts should remain on a brands’ Facebook page – if they have attracted comments by fans – but may be defused with a strategic comment by the admin shedding light on the situation. Not all scenarios are the same and some may have to be rectified with a simple apology. Make it known that as a brand, you acknowledge the mistake and have learnt from it – brands should never have opinions on topics which do not relate to them.

“Alternatively, if the post is identified quickly as off-brand and potentially risqué and no comments have been made as yet – then delete, pronto,” advices Sharland.

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