Caption: Over 3 000 memorable conversations were started about the benefits of Ray-Ban’s Polarized sunglass lenses in just six days across three cities at the beginning of summer, thanks to the innovativeness of the EnOv8 Event Management team.

EnOv8 Event Management organised the activations in three of South Africa’s biggest cities in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Visitors to Canal Walk, Gateway and Sandton City had the chance to experience the benefits of Polarized lenses and see for themselves how the glasses cut the glare in outdoor and driving situations.

The outdoor experience created indoors, helped consumers to experience the benefits of Ray-Ban Polarized lenses. Mall-goers were encouraged to try on their favourite style of Ray-Ban sunglasses, with Polarized lenses, while sitting in a Jeep with a bright Polarized light reflecting off the bonnet to represent the glare created by the sun. Once visitors put the Polarized sunglasses on, they could see how the Ray-Bans eliminated the glare with zero strain on their eyes and better clarity.

As part of the visitor experience, there was also an un-Polarized screen on display. A dismantled television with the polarized filter removed from the screen appeared to be plain white to anyone not wearing Polarized sunglasses – images ‘magically’ appeared when Ray-Ban’s Polarized sunglasses were worn.

All Ray-Ban fanatics took home a printed photo of themselves wearing their favourite frames as well as a R250 discount voucher that was redeemable at the optometrists in that specific mall towards the purchase of a pair of  Ray-Ban Polarized sunglasses.

“During the activation we helped portray Ray-Ban as the coolest eyewear brand on the market and that for the past 76 years they have invested in eyewear, with a strong focus on quality and technology,” says Nicole Rollings, owner of EnOv8.

“The activation ran smoothly – as always by the EnOv8 team – and became part of the larger Ray-Ban Polarized campaign that carried through at store level towards the end of 2013. Ray-Ban Polarized replenishment orders post the campaign period were very strong for our local market and extremely positive within international standards,” says Thera van’t Hof, Brand Manager: Ray-Ban, Vogue Eyewear and Persol.

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