Leading environmental media and sustainability company, alive2green, have confirmed that they will be launching Sustainability Week at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 25 – 29 July 2012. Sustainability Week is a week-long trade exhibition and public fair incorporating a series of conferences, seminars, public lectures and related city tours. 

“The main objective of the conference is education,” says Gordon Brown, alive2green director. “A lot is said about being ‘sustainable’ but it is important to let the public understand what this means. During the course of the week we will be focussing on practical, implementable and accessible changes that need to be made across sectors, as well as in our own homes, to bring about a more sustainable South Africa.” Brown indicates.

“Global crises cannot be disconnected from each other. Understanding this interconnectedness is fundamental to understanding the true cost of our actions. We will therefore be running multiple conferences and seminars and are inviting stakeholders including industry representatives, NGOs, scientific and research bodies, government departments, corporations, professionals and members of the public to form part of these discussions.

“We look forward to connecting the dots; to advance dialogue, learning and sharing across sectors and stakeholders on the fundamental changes we need to make to render our communities less vulnerable and more resilient to external shocks,” Brown concludes.

Activities during Sustainability Week will include:

  • Sustainability Week Exhibition 25-29 July
  • Resilient Cities Seminar 27 July
  • The Green Building Conference 25-26 July
  • Social Housing Seminar 27 July
  • Sustainable Transport Seminar 27 July
  • Sustainable Mobility Seminar 27 July
  • Renewable Energy Seminar 27 July
  • Energy Efficiency Seminar 27 July
  • Sustainable Water Resource Seminar 27 July
  • Vision Zero Waste to Landfill Seminar 27 July
  • The Green Business Seminar 27 July
  • The Green Home Fair and Public Lectures 28-29 July
  • City Tours 28 July

For more information on Sustainability Week please visit: www.sustainabilityweek.co.za or contact e-mail: info@alive2green.com  Tel: 021 447 4733