Building a solid corporate reputation is key to stand out from the crowd. Award-winning reputation management firm, Reputation Matters, shares the importance of conducting research to take your business’ reputation to the next level.

Founder and Managing Director of Reputation Matters, Regine le Roux, says, “What does it take to build a good reputation?  That is the million-dollar question; unfortunately, there isn’t a silver bullet solution. How would you feel about being able to measure your reputation and know exactly what area of your business is impacting it? You may already have a gut feeling of what needs to be done; however, presenting facts and figures to your board that is based on solid research is going to have a much greater impact.”

Reputation research is the logical first step to help you identify and understand current perceptions of the organisation. “This will in turn enable you to pinpoint and bridge gaps; ultimately helping you to build a solid corporate reputation,” adds Le Roux.

Reputation Matters has become a leader in corporate reputation management in South Africa. With a dedicated team in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the organisation prides itself on their unique reputation measurement tool, the Repudometer®. The tool statistically measures an organisation’s reputation, giving organisations an actual percentage of what their current reputation is.

“With our unique reputation measurement tool, you’ll be able to have a greater insight into your reputation and what makes your stakeholders tick. You’ll know exactly which part of your business is building or breaking down your reputation and we will also provide you with recommendations on how best to take it to the next level,” elaborates Le Roux.

Le Roux mentions that there are various elements that make up an organisation’s reputation and that there needs to be consistency and balance when dealing with these. The glue that keeps everything together is communication.

The possibilities of a good and solid reputation are endless. “A healthy corporate reputation helps you attract and retain talented employees. It also assists in making your brand the most preferred amongst customers when competitors’ goods and services are available at a similar quality and price. And very importantly, it pulls you through times of controversy – you don’t know when a crisis is about to hit,” adds le Roux.

Last year, Reputation Matters celebrated one decade of looking after corporate reputations. In celebration, they hosted an inaugural reputation conference with top class international and local speakers who shared best practices on reputation management.

“You can be consistently good consistently bad, either way you are building yourself a reputation. Never underestimate the importance of research to help build and maintain a good, solid and healthy corporate reputation,” concludes Le Roux.

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