In commemoration of the upcoming national holiday on 21 March 2016 – Human Rights Day, the National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) gathered with the community of Diepsloot yesterday, 16 March 2016 at St Mungos Church in Extension 4 to celebrate women’s and children’s rights. The purpose of the event was to educate the community on what basic human rights are and how they can be infringed. Speakers included representatives from the legal fraternity and community leaders.

NCVT, a non-profit organisation that works within the community of Diepsloot and its surrounding areas, hosted over 80 community members at their annual Human Rights Day Dialogue. The campaign was aimed at encouraging a healthy society free from violence and was used as a platform to discuss how to eradicate oppression. The programme kicked off with social workers sharing why they thought human rights are important. A discussion on what is considered to be an infringement of one’s human rights followed. Social workers attended the event to assist community members and resolve reported cases throughout the day. Members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) listened to community members talk about their experiences with the SAPS when reporting abuse. Together, they discussed how best the police can support the community in future. The NCVT choir also kept guests entertained throughout the programme.

Lindsay Henson, a lawyer from a non-profit organisation called Lawyers Against Abuse (located in Diepsloot Extension 2 – next to the fire station), talked about the different types of human rights and how the constitutional law protects the victim. Lawyers Against Abuse assists victims follow-up on cases and also helps victims complete protection order forms for free. Their main focus is assisting with domestic violence, sexual abuse and some criminal cases around Diepsloot. Henson encouraged attendees not only to report cases, but to attend weekly counselling sessions held by Lawyers Against Abuse affiliates as well. This, in an effort to help victims stabilise emotionally and heal from the trauma they may carry.  Lawyers Against Abuse is NCVT’s partner in dealing with cases of human rights violation in Diepsloot.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the event – it shows that the Diepsloot community take their basic human rights seriously. It is so wonderful to see how the community members are empowered with the right information; we believe it will help them in practical ways to live safe lives where they can stand up for their human rights,” shares Judith Mthombeni, Senior Social Worker at NCVT. “We wish each South African citizen a safe, informative and empowering Human Rights Day,” concludes Mthombeni.

NCVT supports vulnerable groups such as abused and violated women and children; the unemployed and people infected by the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). To make donations or volunteer towards these causes, members of the community can contact | +27 11 705-1960 | +27 11 467 4936. For more about NCVT, please visit

 Caption: One-on-one session between Diepsloot community member (left) and NCVT Senior Social Worker, Judith Mthombeni (right).


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 The National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) is a non-profit organisation that supports women and children who have been abused; people who are unemployed and those living with HIV. The NCVT works with youth (in and out of school), women and families affected by violence and HIV/AIDS in some of the most impoverished informal settlements and farming areas in Gauteng. These include areas subject to high incidences of violence and trauma such as: Diepsloot, Loss MyCherry, Riverband, Lanseria, Musawawa, Thabo Mbeki, Nooitgedacht, Zandspruit, Itsoseng and the new settlement of Cosmo City.