Proud moments at Mustadafin Foundation as eight learners from Mustadafin’s Learning Centre’s Program have been accepted at a mainstream school and placed in the 8th Grade.

“These children have never been in a school before and had to overcome learning disabilities and other challenging circumstances in order to be able to cope and perform in a normal school and curriculum,” says Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, director of Mustadafin.  “Our Learning Centre has a holistic approach that deals with all aspects of development in order for our children to develop the required reading, writing and communication skills needed for the mainstream schooling system.”

These placements add to the success of Mustadafin’s Learning Centre which has seen a total of 500 learners placed in mainstream schools where a number of these learners make it to the top ten in their class.

“Thank you to our staff members who have contributed to ensuring a positive future for this youth. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Western Cape Education Department for assisting with the placements and providing transport for the students to and from school,” says Johnstone-Cassiem.

Learners enrolled at the centre are currently being taught from a container with a very limited amount of space. With many children in the Tafelsig requiring educational and developmental support, Mustadafin is aiming to increase their capacity. In order to do this, the Foundation appeals to the public to consider any kind of funding or financial contribution. This will be used directly to upgrade the facilities at the Learning Centre to accommodate more learners.

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