Mustadafin Foundation gives the gift of self-confidence to women from abusive backgrounds with their new sewing skills workshop – Stop Violence Against Women Stitch By Stitch – which aims to help these women earn an income through sewing skills training.   

For women living in an abusive environment, the prospect of a brighter future often feels like an unattainable dream. Mustadafin Foundation recognises the plight of many of these women living in disadvantaged communities and have introduced an eight week sewing workshop in Mitchell’s Plain, to help instil confidence and a renewed sense of purpose for these women. The sewing workshops teach women the fundamentals of the sewing trade as well as basic business principles to help them start their own small garment-making business.

The eight week sewing workshops cater for eight women at a time and are run daily by two highly skilled seamstresses with a combined experience of 30 years in the clothing manufacturing industry. Also trained in family counselling and parenting skills, Ruwayda Ryklief and Candice Seconds provide counselling and emotional support for the women in the workshops.

Teaching the basics of business practice at the workshops is crucial for the attendees to make a success of their learnings, however there is a urgent need for volunteers with business experience to help train these women. Ghairunisa Johnstone, Founder of Mustadafin Foundation comments, “For the sewing skills workshop to truly be impactful, we desperately need the expertise of people who have a wealth of business knowledge and experience. The business mentorship side of the workshop is a 90min training session every second week – so essentially we need volunteers to teach four business principle training sessions in an eight week period.”

If you are able to help as a business mentor or for more information contact Mustadafin on 021-633-0010 or visit Join their Facebook page at


The Mustadafin Foundation was established in 1986 as a result of political unrest and violence in the Crossroads Township. Crossroads, at that time was isolated and violence that erupted was due to faction fighting. It had a devastating effect on the local community, particularly women and children.

In order to support the community, a group of professionals offered their expertise, skills and resources. They provided medical care, trauma counselling, accommodation, food and clothing. This group encompassed such a wide range of people working constructively towards a common goal that it was decided to formalise the situation in the hope that this initiative could be maintained – this saw the birth of the Mustadafin Foundation.