Industries across KwaZulu Natal are invited to enter the prestigious Waste Management Awards 2012. The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) is reminding organisations and suppliers that there is only a short time left to send in applications for the IWMSA Waste Management Awards for Environmental Excellence 2012.

The IWMSA’s KwaZulu Natal branch in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs (DAEA) are delighted to support organisations that share their ambitions of “zero waste to landfill” and help deliver the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle across KZN to see who is the greenest in the Province.

Dr. Timothy Fasheun, Senior Manager at DAEA says, “we are pleased to yet again be partnering with the IWMSA to implement the Waste Management Awards. The Department views these Awards as a proactive way to encourage industries and businesses to improve their waste management practices. The Department is also fully involved with the judging of entrants so as to capacitate officials of the Department with respect to waste management systems in different sectors. We encourage all industries and businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their achievements in waste management, to gain from the experience of being assessed by waste management professionals, and to benchmark their waste management practices against others in the sector.”

Pat Reddy, the Chairman of the IWMSA KZN Branch says, “It is great to see so many organisations getting involved. The IWMSA supports and acknowledges businesses, industries and individuals that are striving to make a change for the better and our awards are an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of, and reward, best practice.” We are encouraging organisations throughout KZN to enter the Waste Management Awards for 2012. With the increased pressure on companies to comply with the New Waste Act and to be environmentally more conscious, we see the Waste Management Awards as a great way to share good ideas, get recognition for hard work and celebrate environmental action.” Reddy continues, “Very often the focus is on what is wrong in the environment. We are pleased to support organisations that will not only benefit the environment, but also as previous organisations have demonstrated bring many positives to communities in KZN. Working in partnership with DAEA will bring KZN a step closer to zero waste to landfill.”

Reddy adds, “the aim of the awards is to celebrate organisations’ green credentials by paying tribute to the great and green. In 2010 the competition saw many high profile quality submissions, and IWMSA is expecting more of the same this year. Organisations are encouraged to also nominate their suppliers in this year’s awards which will contribute in building sustainable business relationships. We are challenging organisations to set an example for the rest of South Africa.”

Reddy continues, “These awards aren’t about creating winners and losers. Everyone that is working towards a greener life is instantly a winner. We feel that these awards are a fitting way to recognise those organisations that really are trying to make a difference to the environment in the course of their day-to-day business.”

The main objectives of the awards are to promote responsible practice in the use of resources and environmental management, to encourage the waste hierarchy (3 R’s) as well as to encourage alternative methods to avoid dependence on landfill sites.

The bi-annual Waste Management Awards aim to recognize businesses of all sizes and sectors, employing good environmental practice in their daily activity, while also making significant financial savings.

The full criteria for each award and nomination/application details are available on and the closing date for all applications is 30 June 2012. The judging includes a site visit and audit by professional members of the IWMSA, as well as employees of the DAEA and other government departments.

The IWMSA is a non-profit organisation comprising a body of dedicated professionals in their respective fields, who give freely and voluntarily of their time and expertise in order to effectively educate, promote and further the science and practice of waste management.  For more information contact the IWMSA’s KwaZulu Natal branch at: (031) 564 2795, e-mail: or visit