3500 people were displaced, with nowhere to go after the Khayelitsha fires wreaked havoc in the township at the beginning of the year; who looks after the destitute when disaster strikes?

Mustadafin Foundation has for the past 27 years, been the first to arrive at a disaster site and the last to leave, making sure that all those in need have at least two meals a day, a blanket and emergency supplies for daily survival.

“Over the new year period, we only had three staff members who helped selflessly around the clock to provide two daily meals to the 3500 people whose homes had been burnt down,” says Founder and Director Ghairunisa Johnstone.  “A single 100 litre pot can feed between 250 and 300 people; we had to cook with at least 15 of these at a time, to ensure that everybody received meat and vegetables at each meal.”

The Mustadafin Foundation has established itself as a symbol of hope in the Cape Town Region and is currently recognised as one of the top five welfare and relief organisations in South Africa.  “We do not see ourselves as a charity or welfare organisation,” explains Johnstone. “It’s important for us to share the message of hope and to help those who are destitute to help themselves by creating a self-sustainable community. No challenge has ever been too great for our hardworking team.”

The Mustadafin Foundation would like to encourage corporate organisation and residents of Cape Town to get involved in the various projects and initiatives run by the Foundation. “We urge all Capetonians to make the time to care for Cape Town by volunteering at one of our ventures,” says Johnstone. ‘Although we are in great need of financial assistance, we also require volunteers’ time and expertise to be shared with the Foundation, for example an IT company that can give basic Microsoft training on Word and PowerPoint to children in the community as part of our education initiatives, will be greatly appreciated.

With Mustadafin’s core focuses including education, poverty eradication, disaster relief, health care and community development, everybody is bound to find a project that addresses an issue close to your heart, so why not dedicate your time and expertise to create a prosperous and self-sustainable future for all.

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