We will face an average temperature increase of more than 2°C this century if greenhouse-gas emissions continue to rise at its current pace, stated an International Panel on Climate Change. The transport sector as the second largest greenhouse gas emitter is responsible for 13.1% of all global emissions.

Ways need to be found to curb the high greenhouse gas emitted within the transport sector. According to Brent Cloete, Head of Climate Change Practice at DNA Economic, one of the measures to be considered to meet ambitious national targets for greenhouse gas reductions from this sector, is carbon tax.

The likely impact of a carbon tax on the transport sector in South Africa needs to be examined and will be explored by Cloete at the upcoming Sustainable Transport and Mobility Conference, which will be taking place on 20 and 21 September 2011 in Gauteng.

The Conference will provide a dynamic platform for education and discussion regarding sustainable transport practices, pressing issues as well as providing a platform to discuss the latest technologies and designs. The two day conference will bring together delegates, speakers and exhibitors who recognise the need to incorporate sustainable transport practices and who have identified the economic benefits of such a move. Other issues that will be discussed at the conference will be ways of greening the transport system, international case studies of increasing mobility and access, as well as reducing the impact of freight.

This premier event, organised by Alive2green, is part of the official build-up to the 17th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP17) taking place in Durban later this year.

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