Caption: All Gold – South Africa’s most loved Tomato Sauce, the best accompaniment to South Africa’s beloved Boerewors – enjoyed a strong presence at the Shoprite Checkers Championship Boerewors Competition finale, thanks to a highly engaging activation campaign by EnOv8 Event Management.

Held last month at the beautiful Valley of Waves in Sun City, the Shoprite Checkers Championship Boerewors Competition finale was a fun day out for the entire family, with plenty of food, entertainment, fun and games!

The ten finalists battled it out on stage, braaing for hours in the sweltering heat, with Durbanite Bob Makheta (37) eventually winning the much-coveted title, a 4X4 double cab bakkie and other prizes, including holiday vouchers from All Gold.

But sponsoring prizes for the top three entrants was not All Gold’s only involvement. All Gold in conjunction with Cape Town-based event management company EnOv8 activated an exciting Amazing Race-themed promotion, where holiday-makers were given an All Gold Passport to Adventure. They then had to take part in an All Gold Challenge, consisting of six games, which allowed them to test their skills and stamina, and win rewards.

According to Nicole Rollings, EnOv8 Owner and Managing Director, the various games, designed by EnOv8 specifically for the promotion, centred on creating a sensory experience for all participants, so that they could engage with All Gold via all their senses – not just taste!

The games were as follows:

  • Clue Chase – participants were required to find a hidden clue in the Valley;
  • Taste Sensation – a blindfold tasting of All Gold on Boerewors where competitors had to identify the All Gold flavour;
  • Remember It – a game that tested the participants’ memory and mind power;
  • Beach Relay – a race to catch a bottle of All Gold;
  • Saucy Tower – a building challenge, where participants had to build a tower using only All Gold bottles;
  • Target Shooter – participants had to kick a soccer ball into one of the All Gold targets.

Each time a competitor completed a game, they received a stamp in their passport and an All Gold branded prize – these included funky red and white sunglasses, temporary tattoos and lanyards, also provided by EnOv8. The goal for participants was to take part in all six games in order to complete their passport and the entire challenge. Those who completed their passports received a fantastic All Gold bag, which they could use to keep all their other prizes in, as well as to take home and use as a beach bag.

“In order to ensure a highly memorable brand experience for those attending the finale, we wanted to engage consumers via all their senses,” says Rollings. “The taste part was easy – after all, All Gold is undoubtedly South Africa’s favourite Boerewors roll condiment! Large dispensers shaped like All Gold sauce bottles were placed at all the Boerewors stations, where consumers could choose their favourite All Gold flavour sauce. The All Gold Passport to Adventure allowed us to engage the rest of the senses, by getting participants physically and mentally involved with the brand via the various games.”

The challenge was introduced to an excited crowd on the finale stage, where the All Gold brand ambassadors and MC spoke about the brand, screened the new All Gold television adverts, and demonstrated how each game worked, before sending participants off to start the challenge.

“It was a fun, memorable and successful activation,” concludes Rollings. “We activated for just over 5 hours and engaged with more than 600 consumers, many of whom also took home branded items as a reminder of their All Gold experience.”


Caption: Large All Gold sauce dispensers allowed visitors to taste different varieties with their boerewors. 

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