Planning, organising and implementing an event can be one of the most stressful jobs for an organisation. The pressure is especially elevated when a company’s reputation amongst its stakeholders is in the limelight as a well organised event says much about a company’s efficiency and professionalism.

A new event management system, which helps take the stress out of sending out invitations and monitoring RSVPs, has been developed by innovative event management company, EnOv8. EnOv8 has created an online event management tool which is customised according to the requirements of a specific organisation and its event. The revolutionary system allows invitations to be custom designed according to its target audience and the RSVP portal can host unlimited information such as venue details, maps and information about the event etc., providing the invitee with all the necessary information required about an event.

The new system can be accessed by the client for real-time RSVP numbers, and reports can be drawn detailing extensive information such as dietary requirements, any special requests, event attendance reports and much more. EnOv8 also offer their clients system training to ensure efficient and effective use of the system.

The new system was used by Cape Town Tourism who recently hosted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. EnOv8 sent out approximately 21 000 e-mails, custom designed for four target groups. The online system created by EnOv8 seamlessly recorded all RSVPs whilst compiling the data in easily accessible and digestible reports for Cape Town Tourism to access. The new system saved the organisation days in RSVP management and ensured complete accuracy by alleviating the possibility of human error which may occur during a manual registration process.

CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold comments, “It has been a pleasure working with EnOv8. They offered excellent value and a hassle-free online registration process for our AGM. We experienced their team as professional, pro-active and an invaluable resource in delivering a professional experience to our event attendees.” 

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