Your reputation will be measured and managed using our unique Repudometer® tool.

The health of your reputation matters. To help you to build a healthy and strong reputation, you will be supported by a team of reputation specialists. Your reputation team understands how important your reputation is and will help you to build a healthy, resilient reputation to take your business to the next level

You will be guided by your reputation team in all aspects of an effective business strategy to maximise your organisation’s corporate reputation. Whether its reputation research, media liaison or internal training, Reputation Matters will provide you with innovative, hands-on communication support to help you to grow your reputation and take it to the next level. After all, your reputation matters!


Before you invest in your next marketing or public relations campaign, first make sure that you have measured your reputation; this will help you to make better communication investment decisions.

Your reputation will be quantified with our unique reputation research tool the Repudometer®. This will help you to get a thorough understanding of your stakeholders, a key requirement in the King IV Report.

The results will provide you with insight into specific areas where your reputation is being negatively impacted. Research has shown that a positive reputation has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Is there any part of your business that is negatively impacting your bottom line?

When conducting your research, all the different facets of your business will be measured, such as your leadership style, your employees, the entities you have partnered with, the value that you offer and your different communication initiatives. After all, every aspect of your business affects how it is perceived and impacts your reputation.

Presenting your intuition as facts and figures to your management team will have a much greater impact than trying to get buy-in into your gut feeling.

Let us help you to dig deeper to find out what’s really building or breaking down your reputation. You won’t just be supported with research, you’ll also receive valuable insights and actionable recommendations to take your reputation to the next level. It’s not just about data dumping, it’s about making meaningful differences.

Internal Climate measurement

Employees are one of, if not the most important stakeholder group of any organisation, as they are the ambassadors of the brand. It is vital to understand internal stakeholders’ needs and perceptions. It contributes to employee morale and ultimately the reputation of the organisation. Having a robust reputation in place will help you to attract top talent which will in turn have a direct effect on the outputs of the organisation and its revenue.

What do your employees say about the business they work for?.  Once you understand your internal climate you will receive guidance on how to refine your internal reputation strategies and activities so that you are able communicate effectively with your greatest resources.

Media liaison

Let us optimise your corporate communication initiatives and make the most of media opportunities to generate greater awareness of who you are and what you do.

You will receive a tailor-made media liaison solution. You will be supported by a team who has extensive knowledge of the media landscape in South Africa and know how to turn your good work into great media coverage that’s compelling. To maximise media exposure for you, we will tap into our comprehensive media database (print, online, radio and television) to reach the audiences that you want to speak to. With the right media connections and a way with words, you’ll get top media coverage that speaks to your key stakeholders.

You will receive a monthly analysis of your media mentions, which includes an in-depth look at what channels and key messages are featured. By analysing your monthly coverage over the short and long term you will be provided with insights into future communication planning.

invest in your reputation training

You have several training options to choose from. The training options have been designed specifically for you

reputation mentorship

The mentorship course includes eight modules. Each module includes a workbook, webinar and assignment, and will take you on a reputation management journey to improve your reputation building skills.

Two hour reputation management masterclass

During the session you will be taken through the key elements that impacts your business reputation.  Don’t confuse reputation management with social media or crisis management. Effective reputation management will help you to minimise crisis situations and help avoid social media blunders.

All the sessions are presented online. For more information: