Your reputation will be measured and managed using our unique Repudometer® tool.

As corporate reputation specialists, we understand the value of strategy, we have years of proven experience in creating and implementing clear, results-oriented, research-based communication solutions that work.

You will be guided by our consulting team in all aspects of an effective communication strategy to maximise your organisation’s corporate reputation. Whether its reputation research, media liaison or internal communication, Reputation Matters will provide innovative, hands-on communication support to help grow your reputation and take it to the next level. After all, reputation matters!


Before you invest in your next marketing or public relations campaign, first make sure you’ve measured your reputation; this will help you to make better communication investment decisions.

With our unique reputation research tool, we will help you to quantify your organisation’s reputation, and help you to get a thorough understanding of your stakeholders, a key requirement in Chapter 5 of the King IV Report.

The results provide insight into specific areas where we can help take your reputation to the next level. Research has shown that a positive reputation has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

When conducting our research, we look at dimensions that impact on your reputation, such as leadership, employees, partners, value offering and communication. After all, every aspect of your business affects how it is ultimately perceived.

With a quantifiable reputation score, presenting figures to your management team will have a much greater impact than the softer issues that communication management is usually associated with.

Let us help you dig deeper to find out what’s really building or breaking down your reputation. We won’t just do the research, we’ll provide valuable insights into the quantitative and qualitative results, and then work with you to build a tailor-made strategy that helps build a solid reputation.

Media liaison

Let us optimise your corporate communication initiatives and make the most of media opportunities to generate greater awareness of who you are and what you do.

We have extensive knowledge of the media and know how to turn your good work into really great media coverage that’s compelling. We will tap into our comprehensive media database (print, online, radio and television) to reach the audiences you want to speak to. With the right media connections and a way with words, you’ll get top media coverage that speaks to your key stakeholders.

Our monthly analysis of your media mentions includes an in-depth look at what channels and key messages are featured. We also compare coverage over the short and long term which helps provide insights into future communication planning. All our communication plans are tailor-made, with your needs in mind. We are confident to guarantee a three-fold return on your media investment.

Media training

Are you ready to ace your next media interview? Don’t miss a valuable opportunity to prepare long before you get called by a journalist chasing a deadline. After all, as the spokesperson of your company, you have the ability to determine what stakeholders think of the business. While journalists are bound to call you during a crisis, you need to know how to answer tough questions even when business is going well.

During our hands-on media training, you’ll learn how best to engage with the media to get the most out of an interview, be it a pre-recorded telephonic radio interview, a conversation with a print journalist or a live televised debate. Through intensive practical exercises, we will guide you through the process so that you can take control of your image in the media and appear calm, confident and convincing when the spotlight is shining on you. With our in-depth understanding of how journalists operate, we are able to provide insight into what they’re looking for and we’ll arm you with easy tips and tricks to maximise every media opportunity.

Half day introductory session

  • What is reputation management?
  • Introduction to print, radio and broadcast media
  • Media etiquette, e.g. how to interact with journalists, what to wear to a television interview
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A full day session

  • What is reputation management?
  • Introduction to print, radio and broadcast media
  • Media etiquette, e.g. how to interact with journalists, what to wear to a television interview
  • Hands-on media interview scenarios
  • How to convey your key messages during different interview scenarios
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Reduced rates apply to groups of 10 or more.

Internal Communication

What do your employees say about the business they work for? That depends largely on how you communicate with them. Let us help you to refine your internal communication strategies and activities so that you communicate effectively with your greatest resources. After all, they play a vital role in building organisational reputation.

We can also assist you with your requirements. Whilst communication does not make change happen, it can reinforce, guide and help overcome negativity or misunderstanding as change occurs. Reputation Matters has skilled change consultants who will guide your organisation through any change.