There is a growing awareness in the business community about responsible care and corporate environmental performance. “Green consumerism” as a market force along with the expansion of the Green Economy provides a strong incentive for organisations to determine and improve their reputation by having a commitment to Environmental Sustainability. Reputation Matters have developed a tool for organisations to take the next step towards a better reputation.

“We are proud to present our latest research tool, our Sustainability Check,” says Regine le Roux, Managing Director of Reputation Matters.  “The check has been modelled on the success of our Repudometer® and serves to provide clear insight into stakeholders’ perceptions of their corporate environmental and sustainability commitments,” adds le Roux.

Is your organisation’s core focus to be environmentally sustainable or do you just want to minimise your environmental footprint? “The Sustainability Check will provide businesses with tailored reputation management support to consolidate their organisation’s efforts in becoming environmentally responsible,” says Chris Bischoff, Research Analyst and environmental specialist who has recently joined the Reputation Matters team.

Bischoff explains how it works, “We use the same methodology as our Repudometer® to assess the five core elements of an organisation, namely Corporate Management, Corporate Capital, Corporate Positioning, Corporate Performance and Corporate Dialogue. This allows us to get a holistic view of a business’ stakeholder groups perception on their commitment to environmental sustainability.”

“It is a cost effective assessment that is designed for quick turnaround results. You can expect to be armoured with valuable information following the assessment which will inform your next decisions that will take your reputation to the next level,” concludes Bischoff.

To find out more about Reputation Matters and the reputation measurement and management solutions that they offer, visit or call: 011 3173861 (Jhb) or 021 790 0208 (Cpt).