Caption: Photo 1 (on the left): As winter is on its way, the informal settlement community of Egoli in Cape Town can rest easier as 100 homes were recently fitted with Ikaya waterproof roof covers thanks to Mustadafin Foundation and generous donors. Photo 2, from left to right: Ismail Moola (representative of the project sponsor); informal settlement dweller and recipient of the Ikaya roof cover; Ameer Samsodien (Mustadafin Foundation).  

For many living in informal settlements, winter brings with it stressful challenges as heavy rains flood low lying areas. The situation is exacerbated by unstable and porous roof structures which cause internal leakages.

A Johannesburg-based community donor observed the plight of those living in these conditions and saw an opportunity to help those in need. Ismail Moola was appointed by the anonymous sponsor to facilitate the installation of 100 Ikaya roof covers in the Egoli informal settlement in Schaapkraal, and NGO Mustadafin Foundation will be providing the logistics of installing and maintaining the covers.

The 4m x 4m waterproof covers are made from Tarpaulin/PVC and are 650 grams in thickness, making them the most durable roof covers used to date. Not only are they heat repellent in the hot summer months, but they also insulate shacks in winter while keeping its residents dry.

Ameer Samsodien, project leader at Mustadafin Foundation who helped research and implement the project, said, “We are so grateful for the support of our donors and through their generous donation we were able to install 100 Ikaya roof covers at this stage at a cost of R100 000. With proper care, the covers will last about five to six years, and we hope to install many more in the coming months when further funds come in.”

If you would like donate to the Ikaya roof covers initiative, please contact Mustadafin Foundation on 021-633-0010.

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