Caption: Sharon Sinclair, Founder and Chief Executive Operator (CEO) of Chandramala has been working with corporate teams since 2008 helping them to get aligned to the business’ strategic intent using the scientific methodology of Dr Levin.


Sharon Sinclair is a woman carving out a niche in corporate organisational practise across the business spectrum with a unique and highly successful business model. Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chandramala, Sinclair makes use of the scientific alignment methodology, as pioneered by Dr Jeff Levin, an international authority in the field of Energy Medicine.


This principle allows Sinclair and her team to identify the root cause of emotions surrounding internal cognitive thought processes and implement the positive growth into a diverse corporate business framework.


The Cape-Town-based Sinclair boasts a stellar financial background and the synergy using emotional evolution aligned to sound economic principles equates to the formulation of a progressive, empirically proven technique; one that sets Chandramala apart from competitors across the African continent.


A former engineering financial manager, this dynamic businesswoman has seen a gap in the market and provides world class services in the fields of Client Centricity, Customer Service Excellence, Conflict Resolution as well as building and sustaining Client Relationships.


The self-motivated, energetic Sinclair started practising her unique set of skills in 2008, and has developed into a leading edge thinker with an old-school business mentality. Sinclair officially launched her own brand name, Chandramala in 2013 and her distinctive methodology has grown exponentially.


Sinclair has strong ties to the economic market. Over the past decade, the dynamic businesswoman has transformed the traditional standardised practises into a robust fluidity in an ever-changing business landscape.


The alignment process she brings into a business structure allows for effective congruence by tapping into a client’s sub-consciousness; thus freeing up internal roadblocks, augmenting cohesive behaviour and providing a seamless transition. This process allows the employees to express their inner strengths and dilute negative energy.


To survive profitably in an ever-increasing competitive workplace, Sinclair offers an intensive internal system-analysis and paves the way for purposeful action.


The advanced holistic business philosophy is ideal for medium to large companies and brings together a multitude of key business indicators that harness a company’s potential, through a breaking down of cultural barriers and the rebooting of mind sets.


Sinclair’s methodology has helped break down the ‘silo factor’ often seen in business sectors, and her strategic development process identifies means to reconnect and rebuild business alignment.


The advancement of technology often creates an uncertain work-force as every six months rapid expansion makes current systems obsolete. The only way to cope with an ever-changing world is to tap into a self-actualised business model, perfectly suited to adaptability.


“The business world may be growing at an exponential pace and this can be quite daunting but human nature and its ability to adapt and evolve is innate, it is an ingrained part of our psyche, we need only open the door to our subconscious and tap into our limitless ability,” says Sinclair.


Once a business assessment has been made, a specialised and highly trained team of coaches, mentors, consultants and psychologists will formulate a strategic business solution.


The service provides one-on-one or team dialogue and mentoring, detailed reports and a deluge of pertinent information.


“The internal workshop with our team helped us to set an agreed common mission and vision statement for the company. During this session everyone had an opportunity to voice what they thought we did well and what needed attention,” says Gauteng-based Megan Stark Managing Director of CubicIce who has been providing Specialist B2B Digital Marketing Services for the past 30 years. “Having a shared vision has allowed us all to get onto the same page and to have a laser focus of where we are heading to as a company. It helped me to identify some of the not so obvious team dynamics and relationships.” adds Stark


“Human nature is to strive further, carve out a piece of internal paradise and become pioneers in what we do,” adds Sinclair.


Sinclair has a foothold in all the major cities across South Africa and will be looking to grow the business from 80 existing clients to a plethora of opportunities.


Unlocking the psyche of the soul has limitless potential. Tap into Chandramala and take your business to the next level, humanity demands it.


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