As many scramble to arrange a gift or romantic evening for their partners this Friday, 14 February, Reputation Matters takes a more proactive approach to love. Chris Bischoff, reputation manager at Reputation Matters covers three ways to proactively love and take care of your reputation:

Do your employees share the love?

Communication is key, right? Normally the first and most often heard relationship advice also applies to the working environment. Often a big reason for low employee morale is a lack of communication. “Strive you keep your employees informed at all times and encourage a culture of two way communication between your employees and management. We often see those organisations that have a healthy internal climate get this right,” says Bischoff. “Have you ever thought about how your employees speak about the company to their nearest and dearest outside of work?” Having the closest relationship to the company, employees are the ambassadors of your reputation and should carry it with pride.

Get yourself a mentor

Sometimes it helps to get a bit of love advice; it’s no different with managing your reputation. “As a team of reputation managers and specialists, we have designed a mentorship programme that aims to empower businesses and people to proactively manage their reputations,” says Regine le Roux, managing director at Reputation Matters. “We’ve seen an increased need for ongoing reputation management support, especially for entrepreneurs and people starting out their careers in the communication field. It is especially important for new business owners to build and foster their companies’ reputations right from the start.”

Identify ways to build on relationships

With a unique reputation research model, Reputation Matters will help you identify ways to build on the relationships with your key stakeholders. “Our research model allows you to put a percentage to each business element that contributes to your reputation; this allows you to identify your organisations strengths and weaknesses,” says Bischoff. The percentage rating of an organisation’s reputation proves the extent to which people want to do business with your company.

“Our purpose is to help you become the business that people want to do business with, why not let us help you build closer relationships with your stakeholders?” concludes le Roux.

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