Reputation Matters launches reputation mentorship programme.

Reputation Matters, who has dominated the reputation research space with their customised reputation research tool, the Repudometer®, is excited about their new service offering that they will be launching in January 2020.

“Measuring and understanding your reputation isn’t always enough. We have realised that there is a massive need for ongoing reputation management support, especially for entrepreneurs and people who are new to the communication field,” says Regine le Roux founder and managing director of Reputation Matters. “Very often it is assumed that reputation management is very pricey and something that is only relevant for large corporate organisations,” continues le Roux.

“It is especially important for new business owners to build and foster their companies’ reputations right from the start. Often it is assumed that having a social media presence is sufficient. It is, however, everything about your business that impacts how you are perceived that has an effect on your reputation.”  

But why is reputation management so important? “People want to do business with companies that have a good reputation. We have evidence that there is a correlation between a good reputation and bottom line,” adds le Roux.

“Reputation management is much more than just having cool social media pages, SEO and a creative website,” explains Regine. “A large portion of your budget may be going to quirky marketing gimmicks, but if you don’t have your reputation building blocks in place, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money.

“With our hands-on approach, our programme will help you to focus on the whole business and how you as an entrepreneur (or even a large organisation) can build a positive reputation for your business right from the start. You will be empowered with a very comprehensive understanding of how to look after your reputation, identify your blind spots and leverage off your strengths,” says le Roux.

Communicators, or in fact anyone in the organisation that has a keen interest in reputation management, will also benefit from the mentorship programme. “We have often seen that after a company has invested significantly in a research project, they don’t implement the recommendations. 

Research is crucial; unfortunately, without implementing the recommendations, your reputation will not grow and improve. With the new mentorship programme, we aim to empower the client with the knowledge to roll out the recommendations themselves. We will mentor you on how to build your own communication policies, strategies, and plans, and provide you with templates to make your job easier. In this way we aim to foster a longer-term relationship with the client instead of just an annual engagement,” concludes le Roux.

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