Reputation Matters, who has dominated the reputation research space with their customised reputation research tool, the Repudometer®, is excited about their new mentorship service offering.

“It’s our vision to be Africa’s go-to reputation specialists that help businesses to become the business that people want to do business with,” says Regine le Roux, founder and managing director of Reputation Matters.

“In order for us to get that right, we are empowering companies to build their own capacity within the reputation management space,” adds le Roux.

“Our core focus remains reputation research using our proprietary tool, the Repudometer®. With the reputation mentorship programme, we’ll be taking it a step further by helping our clients to keep the momentum going by implementing the recommendations to close the gaps identified in the research.

“We are also targeting entrepreneurs to empower them to build reputable businesses that people want to do business with right from the outset of their entrepreneurial journey,” explains le Roux. 

Reputation management is much more than public relations and clever marketing, it’s about understanding your whole business and how it contributes to how you are being perceived.

Here are three reasons you should consider reputation mentorship:

  1. Empowering yourself with a new way of looking at your business and getting to grips with reputation management. It’s about getting the basics in place and, even more importantly, getting them right. The consistency of your actions contributes to your reputation.
  • Managing a reputation is simple, but it is not always easy. Reputation management is often confused with public relations or limited to building a strong online presence. It’s just as important to deliver on all the promises that your sales team and ad campaigns make. There are many different components that make up your company’s reputation, and the organisation needs to understand these principles. Managing a reputation isn’t something that can be outsourced. It’s about combining the best of both: Empowering someone within the organisation and linking them up with an external expert to act as mentor. The latter will typically have exposure to many different businesses and industries, acting as a soundboard and guide throughout the mentorship journey.  
  • Mentorship helps you to take control of your own reputation. As an insider to your organisation, you are best positioned to manage the company’s reputation. A reputation mentor will help you to craft the best strategy and communication framework to maximise your engagement with different stakeholders while at the same time building your company’s reputation.

A reputation takes time to build. The Reputation Matters mentorship course has been developed to follow your own pace. There are eight modules focussing on different areas of the business. Each module starts with a webinar and participants will receive a workbook with very practical exercises to complete.

“We want to empower companies to take their reputations to the next level, thereby amplifying their growth and success and, ultimately, boosting South Africa’s economy!” concludes le Roux.

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