The brand new Nolufefe Educare Centre in Philippi was the scene of great celebration as children, parents and community members joined Rotarians and representatives from the Lewis Group at the official opening today, Thursday 04 May 2017.

Last year Nolufefe was on the brink of being shut down (left image) because the building was structurally unsafe. The Rotary Club of Claremont’s Injongo Project stepped in to help, with generous support from the Lewis Group. The children were moved to a temporary venue while building work began and today, smiling children sang and danced in celebration of their new building (right image) which not only looks beautiful, but no longer leaks when it rains.

The project cost more than R1.4 million. Ian Robertson, President of the Rotary Club of Claremont explains that the renovations are not just about structural restoration. “A key priority for the Injongo Project is to ensure that the teachers receive skills-training as part of a holistic approach to improving early childhood development (ECD).”

“We provide training for teachers which empowers them to better educate the learners,” says Pumeza Mahobe, project manager for Injongo Project. “We show them how to use available resources to practically teach children fine motor skills, counting exercises, writing, speaking and reading amongst other things. Now they have a brand new building and the skills they need to really make a difference.”

“It is a great pleasure to partner with the Injongo Project,” says Johan Enslin, CEO of Lewis Group. “We are so proud to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these children and the ones who will follow after them. Nolufefe is now a sustainable centre for early childhood development and learning which will ensure that educational needs are met, paving the way for a brighter future for the next generation.”

This is the fifth year that Lewis have partnered with the Injongo Project, with a total of R 14.5 million invested in sustainably renovating and equipping ECD centres in Philippi. The educare centre is the 13th one to be physically upgraded and the 47th one to benefit from the Injongo Project. This investment makes it the biggest project of its kind in South Africa.

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