CAPTION: Children at the Morningstar Reading Centre in Durbanville enjoying the new computers at the Centre, a privilege that few of them would have access to at home. The Reading Centre provides afterschool support for up to 30 pre-primary and primary school children from the Morningstar suburb. Most of them come of their own accord: the only admission criterion is an eagerness to learn. The volunteer teachers, mainly social workers and mothers from the greater Durbanville area, supplement the children’s academics with reading, comprehension and art. The newly installed computers, complete with Edubuntu educational software, provide maths, language and computer literacy support.

The computers were installed by the Rotary Club of Tygerberg with financial assistance from the Rotary Club of Claremont’s outreach programme. “These computers will make a tremendous difference to the lives of the children who attend the centre,” says past President of Rotary Club of Claremont Peter Trebble, who spearheads the Club’s outreach programme. “We are delighted to help make numerous projects like this one possible, by financially assisting other Rotary clubs from Namibia to Plettenberg Bay. Over R 1.2 million has been invested in communities over the past five years. It is an honour and a privilege to be of assistance in communities that need it,” he concludes.

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