Managing your personal reputation this time of year is twofold. 2018 may have been your year of achieving your big ambitious goals, targets or a hard earned promotion. Don’t throw this away with a lapse in behaviour over the holiday season. Beginning the new year with a healthy reputation could be your competitive advantage in the office.

As we start to wrap up the work year, it is also a time where many of us take a look at the year that has passed to see how well we have done with achieving our career goals. How have you measured these? How has your reputation helped you achieve your goals?

“Our reputation research model, the Repudometer®, is very adaptable,” says Chris Bischoff, research analyst at Reputation Matters. “Even though our research model is used to measure reputation at a corporate level, I find that the various reputation elements can be adapted and applied at an individual level too.” The Repudometer measures ten different elements that make up a reputation. Keep them in mind while you are on holiday; don’t let a lapse in judgement ruin your reputation and stump your career growth. Even though you might not be seeing your boss and colleagues each day during this time, you are still representing the company you work for.   

Strategic intent is one of the first elements that we look at. It gives the direction of where you want to go. What is the vision for your future? What values drive you to make decisions to achieve this vision? Your values are also a reason why your company selected you to work with them, not just because they thought that you could do the work really well, they thought you were a good cultural fit based on similar values. Identify these values and lean on them. Your personal and work values should be aligned, this will allow you to be authentic in the work that you do. “I personally find vision boarding and setting myself massive goals at the beginning of the year really helps to keep me focussed,” adds Bischoff.   

Corporate  governance links to leadership “With your goals in mind, be your own leader,” says Bischoff. “Your determination should be matched with diligence. Deliver at a consistently high standard that you set yourself, a standard that is also in line with what the company expects from you.”

Corporate Capital looks at the human element of a business. Simply put, does a company have the right people to do the job in the best way possible? What are you doing to empower yourself to continually grow and bring more Strategic intent your position and the company? Chief Executive Officer of Gazelle Inc. gives the mentioned during a Bloomberg What values in order to stay relevant, reading is crucial; to grow a company (also a) exponentially, you need to grow your knowledge exponentially. they thought is a good way to spend some of your off time this holiday season. “good cultural Matters we are encouraged to read at least a book a month.”

ValueOffering measures the perceived value of a product or service.“Thinking about your work as your brand is a great way to manage your reputation,” says Bischoff. “Ensure that your work, to whomever you deliver it to, provides high value for that person; this is how you build trust, which is also the way many brands become successful.”

Strategic alliances refers to the company that you keep, are your friends helping you to achieve your goals; like attracts like, make sure that you surround yourself with people that are positive, encouraging and share the same values that you do?

The glue that ties all the reputation elements together is communication, including both internal and external dialogue.

Looking back at this year, how have you motivated yourself towards  achieving corporate capital? Does your internal dialogue contribute to a positive attitude Strategic intent? How you talk to yourself largely determines how you talk to others, gives the be face-to-face, telephonically or via social media. Before posting What values media think about the message that you are sending out and how it also a your reputation, keeping in mind that some recruiters do use they thought platforms to help them make a decision whether or not to consider good cultural a position. Even though it is holiday time, you still need to face be authentic and clients in the board room in January.

As the year end functions and festivities begin, remember that you still represent the company that you work corporate capital. “What you apply to manage your reputation atwork should also be applied outside of work,” says Bischoff. “Keep your goalsin mind and a healthy personal reputation will help you achieve them.”

Let us know what values are most important for managing your reputation.

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