Tourists and guests to Robben Island Museum (RIM) are assured that it is business as usual.

Ferries depart daily at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 to take visitors to the iconic heritage site. During the peak season there are seven tours each day to meet the demand of local and international tourists wanting to visit the Island.

The incident on 15 September 2017, where the ferry, Thandi, ran into trouble, is an anomaly, of a near perfect record since chartered ferries were introduced as a means to help RIM manage the demand. “The safety of our passengers to, on and from the Island are is priority,” says Dada.

“We are supporting the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) with their investigation. Our own internal investigation is also underway to identify any possible blind spots,” adds Dada.

“Until the investigations have been completed, we can’t speculate as to what exactly happened. What we do know and can confirm is that we comply with national laws and regulations; our systems are in place that is why all the passengers were safely transported back to the mainland. The success of having no casualties means that our current risk mitigation plans are working.

“We even have additional checks and balances in place over and above the requirements to make sure that each journey is completed safely.

“Masters of the ferries are trained to assess the water and weather conditions, and they are the best placed to know their ferries capabilities. In addition, RIM also monitors weather predictions in advance and therefore requests all Masters to do sea trials, upon which all factors are considered before a decision to run or not run tours is taken.

Both RIM owned and Private Ferries are subject to national laws without exception.

Thandi is not currently in commission.

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