For many people, December and January means lazy summer holidays with a chance to catch up with family, friends and get much needed time to recharge frayed batteries. Unfortunately for many business owners this is not always such a carefree time, especially when the work gets less, invoices stack up, bonuses need paying and not to mention the VAT payment that is invariably due early in the year! The New Year is then off to a tremendously stressful start and may very quickly spiral out of control.

Sadly, there isn’t a quick fix answer; the good news is that there are solutions. Where do you start? There are so many ‘self-help’ courses and leadership programs around but unfortunately not all of them are successful. In a Harvard Business Review study about the state of leadership development[1] conducted in 2016, only 7% of the respondents characterized their programs as ‘Best in Class’, where the program was tightly aligned with strategy, enjoyed executive support, cultivated a strong talent pipeline and demonstrated an impact on overall success. In other words, 93% of the respondents did not regard their leadership program as being the best in class!

Sharon Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chandramala, who has been working with corporate teams since 2008 helping them to get aligned to the business’ strategic intent. She advocates the scientific methodology of Dr Levin and is not surprised by these results. Sinclair says that leadership development programs too often focus on addressing symptoms instead of identifying the root cause of poor business performance. You can’t fix a broken leg with a band aid, you need to make structural changes and have the correct support structures in place to fix it.

Globally more companies are embracing conscious leadership. “We are definitely seeing an increase in local businesses embracing conscious leadership,” adds Sinclair.

It is about getting the whole team onto the same page and thinking in their individual unique way, yet complementing, supporting and working together for the shared vision. Most people and teams are unaware of their hidden sub-conscious behaviours, very often self-sabotaging patterns that prevent them from reaching their true potential as an individual, team and business.

Sinclair has developed a proprietary two day workshop session where she facilitates business owners and their teams to identify root causes that have a negative impact on business growth. This helps them to make long lasting behavioural changes on individual, team and business levels. Understanding the business’ purpose and values are an important starting point to align everyone’s focus to know where they are going to and how best to access the potential that exists in that space from an employee point of view, and also making sure that the right potential clients are tapped into.

“Our workshops are designed to follow a simple yet effective and impactful process to assist each individual to identify their root causes and then supporting and enabling them to create constructive and empowering beliefs. Through the practice of constructive new beliefs and practices, an individual is able to experience results and have a positive impact on the overall business’ culture and centricity,” explains Sinclair.

Judy Robison, Director of Ucademy, who recently invested in a workshop session for her team says, “In our busy schedules we seldom take the time to sit and reflect on our personal and business goals, our purpose and our intention.

“We know we should do it, but it too often gets side-lined with more pressing daily business activities.

“The session with Sharon helped my team to remain conscious and present and has significantly impacted on our ability to remain centred, aligned and focused on achieving our goals and is having a positive impact in our personal and business contexts.”

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