The Cape Town Cycle Tour celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (CCPB) is proud to have been associated with the world’s largest timed cycle race for the past 36 years.

CCPB, the local bottlers and distributors of Coca-Cola products in the Western and Northern Cape, will once again keep cyclists hydrated and refreshed as they embark on the scenic, and often gruelling, 109km route.

The CCPB special events and logistics team will begin setting up the hydration points along the route from midnight on race day. Three hundred dedicated crew and 37 transport trucks will make all of the magic happen with Coca-Cola and Powerade as they work through the early hours of the morning in preparation for the race, which sets off at 6am.

Dan Davis, Marketing Activations Manager at CCPB, said, “Hydration is key at such a big cycling event, where the sheer number of people already poses a logistic and safety challenge. We urge participants to keep hydrated throughout the race.

“There will once again be 14 refreshment points where we will deliver a selection of drinks, including 113 800 litres of water, 54 444 litres of Coca-Cola and 42 000 litres of Powerade. And to top it all off, 60 tonnes of ice will be delivered to keep the drinks, and cyclists, cool and refreshed.”

The Cape Town Cycle Tour has the following hydration tips for cyclists*:

  • On a hot day, the average rider should be drinking between 400ml and 600ml per hour to ensure that they remain hydrated; it is critical to maintaining a balance between being under-hydrated and overhydrated.
  • The key to good, balanced hydration is to listen to your body. Drink between 400ml and 600ml or as your thirst dictates.
  • If you are feeling overheated, stop and pour some water over your head and body when you reach the next water point. Wet clothes will keep you cool as you start to cycle again. The ice available at most of the water points can also be used to cool down your core temperature; apply the ice to your neck and under your arms.

“The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the busiest races for the CCPB team and safety and security are of the utmost importance. We are very pleased to have been partnered with this world-renowned cycling tour for the past 36 years and wish all cyclists a fantastic race and all the best to the organising team,” concludes Davis.

*Information obtained from Cape Town Cycle Tour website:

For more information about Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, visit or contact 021 936 5500. CCPB is also on Facebook