Bizcommunity asked me to share my thoughts on last week’s African Public Relations Association (APRA) Conference that took place in Lusaka, Zambia.
Here’s an excerpt linking the theme of the conference, Creative Africa, Exploring the PR potential of Africa as an emerging economic & reputation powerhouse to reputation management:
“…Reputations matter now more than ever. Building a reputation is an artwork, it is not something that can be rushed, there needs to be balance and harmony. To be a true artist, a true master, you have to put in the work and create more than just one masterpiece; consistency is key….
“…There was a kaleidoscope of conversation, a mixture of issues old and new; ultimately all of us sharing challenges of building reputations, finding solutions to better leverage off of research and ultimately fostering closer relationships with each other, our companies and our countries. We are all indeed colourful, creative and all one Africa…”
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