The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) wishes to congratulate the Intsika Yethu Municipality for opening two recycling facilities in Cofimvaba and Tsomo Town.

Two recycling facilities in Cofimvaba and Tsomo Town were officially opened by Deputy Minister of Water and Environment, Rejoice Mabudafhasi on Monday 28 February 2011. These facilities were established by the Intsika Yethu Municipality as part of the Integrated Waste Management Plan which has set out a programme for promoting waste minimization, recycling and job creation through waste management and reduction of waste to landfill.

The Minister hailed the Intsika Yethu Municipality on the excellent work done, especially for closing the landfill site in Tsomo Town and developing the recycling facility and transfer station whereby 80% of the local waste collected is recycled. The local group of 17 sorters at the site have since been registered as a cooperative with the support of the Chris Hani, Department of Economic Development & Environmental Affairs (DEDEA) office staff.

Lulama Macanda the Senior Manager for Waste Management Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Economic Development & Environmental Affairs also commended the Intsika Yethu Municipality, saying “this is a great example of how small municipalities can take up the challenge of waste management and make it work.” Macanda added, “This municipality should be used as a pilot project to demonstrate a success story in Eastern Cape”.

Steve Kalule, IWMSA Eastern Cape Branch Chairman played an integral part in setting up these recycling facilities by conducting the feasibility studies, and providing inputs into the licensing as well as design for the two facilities.

Buyisa-e-Bag contributed significantly to the infrastructure of the two sites, Shirleigh Strydom, the Chief Executive Officer of Buyisa-e-Bag indicated, “When we first visited the sites there was no infrastructure in place with major faults in the design of the recycling sheds. We provided the construction of site offices and ablution facilities at both sites. Baling machines and scales were also put in place so that the recyclables can be managed professionally.” Strydom added, “We refer to our relationship with Intsika Yethu municipality as a partnership, we pledge to continue our support of these two recycling facilities and the community projects in Intsika Yethu Municipality”.

Mr S.D Plata, Honourable Mayor and Mrs Yolisa Mniki the Community Services Manager for Intsika Yethu Municipality added that the municipality has also started a household contractor’s programme that will create 110 jobs whereby the contractors will distribute and collect black refuse bags in households in the high density residential areas that were previously un-serviced. The long-term objective of the project is to start sorting at source.  The household contractor’s programme is linked to the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP).  According to Mniki, the main challenge with the project is the provision of all the necessary equipment for it to achieve the desired outcome.