CJC Job Fair 2010: Creating Solutions for Sustainable Workforce Development

“For the youth of South Africa to fully realise their potential it is imperative to address the issues of poverty alleviation and job creation in the country,” said David Mabusela, Deputy Principal of the Central Johannesburg College (CJC) at the Opening Ceremony of the CJC Job Fair 2010 ‘Discovering Potential’ initiative in Parktown last week. Recent research has indicated that 2.8 million young people in South Africa are categorised as NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training). In addition, approximately 1.5 million lost employment opportunities since the downturn of the economy leaving a lot of South Africans in desperate need of employment. As a Further Education and Training (FET) institution, CJC’s mandate is to help people in the margins of society by bringing them into the mainstream through vocational training.

Vocational Education Graduates are faced with the age old problem of needing experience in order to get a job but needing a job in order to gain experience. The Job Fair, an activity of the CJC Centre for Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) creates a platform for youth with vocational qualifications to meet prospective employers in a neutral environment. “CJC encourages private and public employers to work with our graduates. You may not give them a permanent job,” says CJC Principal Motsumi Makhene, “but give them an opportunity to learn from you through an internship or career relevant volunteer placement, to gain confidence in themselves and more importantly, to assist them in completing the required work integrated learning that leads to a National Diploma.”

What made this year’s Job Fair unique was the event sponsorship by the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services (merSETA) and the partnership with the Association of Personnel Service Organisation (APSO) and their network of partners. "APSO is delighted at the opportunity to work with CJC CEED in building bridges between the college environment and the world-of-work. As part of our mandate, APSO is committed to empowering work seekers to understand their rights and show them how to be 'job ready' so as to make the most of their engagements with the recruitment industry, one of the key entry points into the world-of-work. The 2010 Job Fair was a great success and we look forward to building a long-term relationship going forward" said Natalie Singer, Executive: Operations at APSO. The College continues its partnership with APSO and looks to extend its collaboration with more SETA’s for the May 2011 Provincial Job Fair for all 8 Gauteng Further Education and Training Colleges.

An exciting highlight at the opening ceremony of the job fair this year was the donation by ZF Friedrichshafen AG South Africa, of a number of CNC machines to CJC. ZF is one of the world's leading automotive industry suppliers specializing in driveline and chassis technologies with a workforce of about 100 000 employees operating 119 plants in 25 countries. These machines will be strategically used by CJC to develop a skilled labour force of CNC technicians within South Africa. “This is not just a donation of equipment,” said Dieter Kreissel, Plant Manager of ZF Auto Industrial Brakes and Chassis, “we want to make a difference to the youth of the country and are able to do so through our relationship with CJC.”

Over 80 members of private and public employer sector exhibiting at the fair and invited guests were delighted with the finale of the CJC Job Fair 2010 Opening Ceremony with the presentation of an impressive birthday cake to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Clonave, the former home of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, author of Jock of the Bushveld. A heritage building based on the Parktown Campus, Clonave is now the home of CJC’s CEED, the Centre behind the Job Fair and Workforce Development initiatives. The CJC CEED stand at the Job Fair 2010 provided a brilliant illustration of the restoration efforts, including renders and plans for green retrofitting of the 100-year old heritage house. “We have an exciting restoration plan for Clonave and welcome the participation of private and public sector partners to contribute to this effort either financially or through participation in our project to document and archive the stories around this beautiful house” said Principal Makhene.

For more information regarding restoration efforts of Clonave and the archive project, please e-mail clonave@cjcceed.com. For more information about CJC CEED or Job Fair 2010 please e-mail jobfair2010@cjcceed.com or alternatively contact Koki Kassaye, CEED Workforce Development Director on 011- 642-1993


Mobile Community mig33 Brings Android to 40+ Million Customers

As Android Enables “Smartphone Features at Feature Phone Prices,”  Emerging Markets and mig33 Anticipate Huge Growth

mig33, the world’s largest mobile-first community, today launched mig33 for Android, a much-anticipated, feature-rich version of the mobile social entertainment service that has already attracted more than 40 million registered users worldwide – and a version that radically widens mig33’s opportunity for future growth.

mig33 for Android squarely positions mig33 for continued success, as low-cost Android offerings are expected to soar worldwide and – in particular – in the emerging, mobile-first regions that have seen mig33’s Java and WAP versions help it grow to be the largest mobile-first community ever.

Today’s launch of the mig33 for Android (beta) means mig33’s games, chat features, virtual goods and other social entertainment services are now available on any Android mobile device, and may also soon be available pre-installed on new Android mobile devices manufactured by handset makers in China, Taiwan, and beyond.

“In our world, an Android customer and a mig33 fan are veritable soul mates, and this will become only more true in coming months,” said Steven Goh, CEO and co-founder, mig33.  “Both are social, savvy, mobile-centric, and entertainment-oriented – and both are just as likely to prize value as they are higher-end devices.  mig33 for Android was built specifically for those customers.

“Moreover, our Android offering ensures that mig33’s social entertainment services and virtual goods marketplace will be front and center for the next several generations of both mass-market smartphones and value-oriented handsets from the world’s top brands.”

Consistent with its incentive program targeted at handset manufacturers and VAS (mobile content) providers announced on Sep. 292, mig33 is offering a revenue share predicated on consumption of mig33 credits to handset makers that pre-install the mig33 application on Android devices just as it does with the Java app.

mig33 is modeled on successful East Asian social networking services such as Japan’s GREE and China's Tencent QQ, valued at USD$2.5 billion and $43 billion, respectively.  However, mig33 differentiates by bringing mobile community and entertainment to billions of consumers residing in the emerging, mobile-first markets of Indonesia, India, South Africa, and many more.

The mig33 for Android (beta) is available now at m.mig33.com for Android 2.1 and higher. Feedback can be shared by email to contact@mig33.com

About mig33

mig33 is the world’s largest mobile-first community, delivering communications and social entertainment to more than 40 million members. Everyday, members in over 200 countries engage in chat, share photos, join groups, send gifts, play games, create avatars, call friends, email and much more. The service is available worldwide and optimized for more than 2,000 handsets. Launched in 2005, mig33 is backed by Silicon Valley venture firms Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and DCM; Indonesian entrepreneur Sugiono Wiyono Sugialam, and; GREE, Japan’s largest social networking service provider. For more information, please visit www.mig33.com.



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Discovering Potential at Central Johannesburg College

The Central Johannesburg College for Public Further Education and Training is hosting its third annual Job Fair on 30 November 2010 at the Parktown Campus.  Sponsored by the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services (merSETA) and in partnership with the Association of Personnel Service Organisation (APSO), the CJC Job Fair 2010 ‘Discovering Potential’ is a strategic workforce development collaboration.

“Further Education and Training Colleges have been positioned by the Minister of Higher Educating and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, to collaborate with SETAs towards accelerated skills and artisan development to meet 2014 Millennium Goals.  As part of their mandate, FET colleges have developed strategies to align themselves to the education, economic and social development priorities at the local government and national levels. The Central Johannesburg College, through its Centre for Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) aims to introduce the Job Fair concept in the new landscape of strategic convergence of FET colleges, SETAs and universities to realise the framework of Occupational Learning Systems” says Motsumi Makhene, Principal of Central Johannesburg College.

The CJC partnership with APSO for CJC Job Fair 2010 creates a dynamic collaboration between FET colleges and employers, through recruitment firms, to contribute towards the identification and coordination of employment opportunities for exit students and alumni.  “CJC Job Fair presents a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between the world-of-work and education by building a system of talent search among FET college graduates.  Critical in the said system is the pre-job fair training and preparation of exit level students and alumni in an intensive program of career and job readiness clinics to complement weaknesses in the curriculum and enhance foundations of employability,” says Makhene.

The fair will take the form of an exhibition where businesses from both the public and private sectors will be able to showcase their companies and allow their Human Resources (HR) and Skills Development personnel to meet with students to discuss opportunities within their organisations. A seminar where volunteer speakers will share their experiences on career, interview skills, employee values and related topics will run concurrently to the exhibition. In addition the merSETA and CJC will share the latest information on skills development and opportunities for labour market collaboration with the participating companies.

Over 500 Central Johannesburg College exiting students and alumni who have completed the Job Fair Training Programme have been invited to attend the Job Fair where 40 businesses will be exhibiting. CJC’s FET students are required to complete 18 months on-the-job training before they can graduate and it is hoped that the Job Fair will give them access to internship opportunities as well as prospects for long-term employment following graduation. Entrepreneurial development and mentorship will be encouraged to address the high unemployment rate by creating more self-employable graduates.

For more information on the CJC Job Fair 2010 please e-mail jobfair2010@cjcceed.com or alternatively contact the CJC Job Fair Manager Koki Kassaye on 011-642-1993.


mig33 Launches Game Developer Program

mig33, the world’s largest mobile-first community, today introduced its new mig33 Game Developer Program, giving social game developers the promise of fast, easy and profitable access to its 40 million registered users and fast-growing virtual economy.

For mig33, the new program will radically expand its social game offerings, which already enjoy over 1 million game plays in Q3 this year.

In turn, social game developers worldwide now have access to the 40 million registered mig33 users who access the mobile social entertainment service via its J2ME downloadable client, WAP site and web.  The new program offers developers full API integration support, significant promotion opportunities, virtual goods options, and a generous revenue share.

mig33 also today announced the new program’s initial partners, which include:                                

Blue Leaf Games, an independent South Africa-based gamehouse developing multi-player games for mobile platforms, and developer of Moonbase, a massive multi-player online strategy game in which players seek to rule the moon. “Blue Leaf Games is thrilled to partner with mig33 and bring Moonbase to 40 million potential new players,” said Adrian Frielinghaus, CEO of Blue Leaf Games.

TheMobileGamer (TMG), a publisher of mobile social games for the fast-growing Southeast Asian market and developer of Club Wars, a game in which players manage their own clubs, seek fans, and challenge their friends. “mig33 has built one of Asia’s biggest and most vibrant virtual economies, and TheMobileGamer is proud to be one of its first gaming partners,” said Alvin Yap, CEO, TheMobileGamer.

Kooky Panda Ltd., a Beijing-based developer of more than 300 socially connected Flash Lite games, and publisher of Kooky Pets, in which players create and care for their own pets and “pet homes,” and visit with other pets and pet owners. “As a developer of Flash Lite mobile games, Kooky Panda is all about phone flash fun with friends, which makes us perfectly suited to team with a service as vibrant and fast-growing as mig33,” said Cherry Wu, CEO and co-founder of Kooky Panda.

“This new program opens the floodgates for social game developers who can build smart, engaging games, and who want access to a very large and loyal mobile-first community,” said Steven Goh, CEO and co-founder, mig33.  “For developers, it’s a virtually turn-key opportunity to get a big audience very quickly and generate significant revenue in fast-growing markets.

The new game developer program continues mig33’s push of new mobile social entertainment features.  In 2010 alone, mig33 has launched over a thousand virtual goods, avatar items and games.  Its members purchase more than four million virtual gifts per month, and exchange nearly one billion mig33 messages every day. 

For more information about mig33’s Game Developer Program, please email corporate@mig33global.com or visit www.mig33.com

About mig33

mig33 is the world’s largest mobile-first community, delivering communications and social entertainment to more than 40 million registered members. Everyday, members in over 200 countries engage in chat, share photos, join groups, send gifts, play games, create avatars, call friends, email and much more. The service is available worldwide and optimized for more than 2,000 handsets. Launched in December 2005, mig33 is backed by Silicon Valley venture firms Accel Partners, Redpoint Ventures and DCM. For more information, please visit www.mig33.com.

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Youth learn about waste management at WasteCon2010

Grade 8 to 10 learners from Hoërskool Marais Viljoen and Fourways High School made creative use of waste products when visiting the waste management conference WasteCon2010 in Johannesburg recently. In an attempt to get the youth more involved and interested in the field of waste management the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) invited the learners from these two schools to attend the exhibition area at the conference and charged them “an article made out of waste materials” each to enter.

The resulting articles, which made innovative use of all types of waste materials from an old pair of denim jeans to the rubber ring of a creepy-crawly, were displayed in the exhibition area where passersby marvelled at their creativity. Recycling organisation Collect-a-Can later judged the items and awarded gift hampers to the four most creative articles from each school.  Collect-a-Can are experienced at judging such competitions as they have been running their own schools competitions since 2003 and have just recently wrapped up their CAN Craze Competition which encouraged learners to build creative structures out of 300 or more used cans. They will be announcing the winners shortly.

The young visitors were shown around the exhibition area where they learned from key waste management organisations and local municipalities what waste management is all about and what future career opportunities could lie in store for them in the field. 

“I think it’s a great idea to introduce waste management concepts to young people at this age as they are still impressionable and grasp the importance of waste management more easily than the older generation,” said Theresa Hurter, Waste Management Consultant at Interwaste. “We’d love the opportunity to show these learners around our material recovery facility (MRF) in Weltevreden Park so that they can see firsthand how the waste separation process works,” Hurter concluded.

“The youth play such an important role in the future of waste management and following the success of this visit we will definitely endeavour to continue the trend of inviting schools to attend our conferences in the future,” said Kobus de Meyer, Chairman of WasteCon2010.

The IWMSA is a professional, multi disciplinary organisation with voluntary membership established to promote the science and practice of waste management and is a non-profit organisation. For more information contact the IWMSA visit: www.iwmsa.co.za

WasteCon2010 is here

The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) kicked off their 20th biennial waste management conference, WasteCon2010, at Emperors Palace yesterday. With the focus on the theme, “What is your Waste Footprint?” the opening ceremony audience were inspired by the famous words of Michael Jackson, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change,” aptly expressing the importance of personal accountability when it comes to waste management. The conference, which will run until this Thursday, sees the coming together of industry players from across the board to discuss topics covering the
technical, policy and recycling aspects of waste management.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’s mayoral committee member for environmentaldevelopment Clr Louis Sibeko when welcoming delegates said, “It is important that stakeholders in the waste management field communicate and work together and WasteCon presents the ideal forum for doing this.” Gauteng portfolio committee for agriculture and rural development chairperson Nokuthula Sikhakhane, in her keynote address, highlighted the progress that is being made towards their 2-year target in the implementation of the National Environmental Waste Act of 2009.

“While the new legislation presents significant improvements in the waste management arena there are still significant challenges which we are facing as an industry, particularly when it comes to the provision of sufficient funding and the availability of experienced and qualified staff,” said Stan Jewaskiewitz, President of the IWMSA

“WasteCon makes it possible for stakeholders to share their challenges and ideas for the resolution of these and other industry issues,” Jewaskiewitz stated. The exhibition areas, which are open free of charge to the general public for the first time this year, drew interested crowds who wandered through the impressive display of waste disposal vehicles and machinery displayed outside the venue as well as the multitude of exhibition stands inside. A record number of exhibitors have registered to participate in the exhibition this year and it is hoped that with the public’s inclusion, the conference will engage more people’s interest and encourage a greater awareness of waste management within South Africa.

A glittering Gala Dinner sponsored by Ekurhuleni Metro tied up the first day. “We see this conference as a milestone for the protection of the environment,” said Clr Zacharia Mpongose. “We want to ensure that we educate the community we represent to understand and respect the environment and at the same time we are working hard to build partnerships with consultants and experts in the field of waste management to assist in developing our region,” he concluded.

The IWMSA is a professional, multi disciplinary organisation with voluntary membership established to promote the science and practice of waste management and is a non-profit organisation. For more information contact the IWMSA visit: www.iwmsa.co.za