The e-Waste Alliance (EWA), together with the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA), and the City of Cape Town’s “WasteWise” campaign is delighted to announce its second public e-Waste Collection Drive. This will be taking place at the Cape Gate Mall in Brackenfell on Saturday, 26 March, from 09h00 to 17h00.

The e-Waste Alliance is calling on all households and businesses to bring along and drop off any type of old or used e-waste, while seeing demonstrations about the services, products and projects offered by EWA and its members.

Just PCs, an e-Waste Alliance partner, will be sponsoring a raffle prize of a fully refurbished computer to a lucky participant on the day. In addition “Zibi the Ostrich” the official mascot of WasteWise will be there to help educate young and old about recycling, and how to avoid littering and dumping.

So what exactly is e-Waste? According to Susanne Dittke, e-Waste Alliance Co-ordinator, “It is any unwanted equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, cell phones, toasters, microwaves, or any other electrical or electronic goods or direct parts thereof. Everything in the home or at the workplace that is driven by electricity, including battery operated toys, falls into this category.”

With the increasing proliferation of new, smaller, and faster electronic technology, and the resultant outdating of existing equipment, electronic waste is now one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world.

Dittke gives the assurance that “Your e-waste will be re-furbished, repaired, re-used or recycled. All materials will be handled according to integrated waste management principles and in the most environmentally safe manner.”

Dittke is passionate about the role of the e-Waste Alliance in creating awareness around e-Waste, and says, “The e-Waste Alliance provides a constructive solution to the problems associated with the disposal of electronic waste. It can often be given a second lease on life by being used elsewhere, or through recovery of special materials and components. It can also lead to the creation of jobs or development of new skills in the community.”

The e-Waste Alliance is a non-profit organisation which helps to coordinate responsible management of the entire electronic waste (e-waste) stream in a one-stop shop format. For more information contact Susanne Dittke on +27 (0) 21 532 0940, or +27 (0) 83 462 6665, email: or visit or